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On this page you can find information about contact.

The Courts of Denmark

If you need information about specific cases, probate matters, enforcement proceedings and registration of land, you will have to contact the court that handles the specific case. Please find the relevant court here.

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Local information

For other questions, you need to contact the jurisdiction connected to your residence.

Find your jurisdiction based on your address

General information

If you need information about general topics, you can contact Domstolsstyrelsens reception at post@domstolsstyrelsen.dk

International matters and organisations

If you need information about cooperation and representation in international judiciary organisations, please contact Domstolsstyrelsen: post@domstolsstyrelsen.dk

Media relations

If you need information about the general development of the courts, statistics, administration and digital development, you can contact the Communications department in the Danish Court Administration: Mads Mortensen, Tel: +45 5119 9441, mail: mmor@domstolsstyrelsen.dk 

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