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A disqualification order may be made against a person if the person is unfit to participate in the management of commercial activities due to grossly irresponsible business conduct.

Here you can get answers to your questions about disqualification, and you can also find guidance to the defendant on disqualification at the bottom of the page (PDF).

What is disqualification?

Disqualification means that for a period of time, a person is prohibited from participating in the management of the type of companies, where officers and directors do not have personal or unlimited liability for the company’s obligations, such as public and private limited companies.

Who can be disqualified?

Persons who have been members of management in a company that has become insolvent may be disqualified.

How long does the disqualification period last?

Generally, the disqualification order will be made for a period of three years.

Breach of a disqualification order

If a person breaches a disqualification order, the bankruptcy court may, depending on the circumstances, make a new disqualification order against the disqualified person. In this connection the disqualification may be extended to a prohibition against participation in any form of commercial activities, including the person’s own sole proprietorship.

A breach of the disqualification order may also mean that the person concerned will be personally liable for the company’s obligations if it becomes insolvent.

Moreover, breach of the disqualification order may be punishable by a fine or imprisonment for up to six months in accordance with section 131 of the Danish Criminal Code.

Who can initiate disqualification proceedings?

The liquidator initiates disqualification proceedings.

In all insolvent estates, liquidators assess whether there is a basis for commencing disqualification proceedings.

In restructuring cases, the restructuring administrator and the expert nominee must describe in the restructuring proposal any matters that may justify disqualification proceedings.

The disqualification register

The person against whom a disqualification order is made is registered in the Danish Business Authority's disqualification register. A person who is subject to a disqualification order may not participate in the management of a business enterprise without having personal and unlimited liability for the obligations of the business, cf. section 159 of the Danish Bankruptcy Act.

Who has access to the disqualification register?

The information in the disqualification register is not publicly available.

The bankruptcy court may disclose information from the register to a liquidator or restructuring administrator when the bankruptcy court assesses that it is necessary for the liquidator’s or the restructuring administrator’s task performance.

Guidance to the defendant on disqualification

Guidance on disqualification
Guidance on disqualification pdf

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